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Glock Dovetail Optic Mounting Kit

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Beretta Dovetail Optic Mounting Kit


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Introducing an innovative solution for mounting optics to your pistol slide: The Versa Tactical SIGHTSECURE dovetail mount (Beretta version).

This system allows the user to install an optic on a slide that does not have an optic cut.

Made of a solid piece of 4340 steel, this mount will not bend or break. Has been extensively field tested with thousands of rounds fired. There are no moving parts, latches or other components to wear/break. Simply slide the Versa Tactical mount in the slot where your factory rear sight goes, and install the 2 expander screws. Then your optic is ready to go on!

This mount allows for mounting of any industry standard RMR footprint optic. Click here to view our most popular compatible red dot sight option.

We recommend using a small amount of blue loctite for installation of all the hardware. Ensure the expander screws are inserted until flush and snug, but do not over-tighten! We recommend tightening of the optic mounting screws to either 14in-lbs or to your optic manufacturer’s specification, whichever is lower.

This mount is compatible with the following models from Beretta:

  • M9
  • M9 Exclusive
  • M9A1
  • M9A3
  • M9A3 Black
  • M9 22lr
  • 92 Fusion Black
  • 92 Fusion Blue
  • 92 A1
  • 92 Compact
  • 92 Compact w/ Rail
  • 92 Compact with Rail Inox
  • 92 Vertec Inox
  • 92FS
  • 92FS Fusion
  • 92FS Inox
  • 92FS Brigadier
  • 92FS Brigadier Inox
  • 92G
  • 92G-SD
  • 92G Elite
  • 92X Centurion
  • 92X Compact
  • 92X Compact w/ Rail
  • 92X Full Size
  • 98A1
  • 98FS
  • 98FS Inox
  • 90 Series Inox

This mounting kit will not fit and is not suitable for the following Beretta models (including but not limited to):

  • ANY Beretta Optics Ready Models
  • 92FS Centennial
  • 92 Performance
  • 92 Performance Defensive
  • 92 RDO Compact
  • M9A4 Centurion
  • Taurus 92


Color: Black

Material: 4340 Steel

Kit includes:

1x Versa Tactical SightSecure™ optic mounting plate for Beretta
2x Expander screws
2x Optic retention screws
1x HEX driver


Click here for the Glock version!

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Weight .25 kg

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